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British Party: Marriage Is Between Man and Woman

Marriage is Between Man and Woman
British Party accepts marriage as according to the true English tradition, only between man and woman. The Word of God expressed in the Bible reveals that marriage can only be between one man and one woman. This is in the origins of mankind, as God created Adam and Eve to live together and love each other.

The Kentish Faith
The origins of the English Church started with a marriage. Prince Ethelbert of Kent married the Frankish Princess Bertha in Canterbury. Prince Ethelbert believed in the religion of the Anglo-Saxons, who called God by the name of Thor. The English word Thursday comes from the name Thor.
Princess Bertha was of the Christian Faith, and believed in Jesus Christ. She carried the Gospel with her over to Kent.

The First English Church
Prince Ethelbert succeeded his father Eormenric to the throne of Kent, whose capital was in Canterbury. King Ethelbert restored an ancient church in Canterbury that had been built by the Britons and dedicated it to Saint Martin of Tours. In this church his consort Queen Bertha worshiped the Lord, and King Ethelbert himself converted to the Faith in Christ. This came about before the arrival of Augustine in Canterbury.

Saint Martin's in Canterbury
The church of Saint Martin in Canterbury is the oldest church dedicated by the English to Christ Son of God. This church is testimony to marriage between man and woman as being the foundation of the English Church.

British Party recognises marriage as being only between one man and one woman. The Christian Faith will prevail, and no law on marriage that is contrary to the Christian value on which the English Church is founded may ever be valid in British Party. No other law will ever change this!   

Written by D. Alexander

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Photo 1: Queen Bertha (left) and her daughter Princess Ethelburga (right), Saint Martin's Canterbury

Photo 2 and 3: Saint Martin's Canterbury

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