Thursday, 16 June 2011

Britannia's Prosperity

Prosperity in Britain
Prosperity in the British Isles started in Dover, Britain's first port. Prosperity will spread around Dover, and from Dover to all Kent, and from Kent to the whole of the British Isles.
Many merchant ships will sail the Strait of Dover, the Light Tower Church of Britannia Our Fair Lady illuminating the Sea.
Prosperity comes from our Mother Britannia, our Fair Lady of the British Isles.

Love for the Fair Lady Britannia is too great a gift to renege it! Life would become worthless for me if I were forced to renege Her. I will rather keep my Love for the Fair Lady than have to renege Her! And I do not have to, nor need to, renege Life in order to love the Fair Lady In High: She never required of me to renege Life! 

Alexander Kent, of Kentish origin.

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