Friday, 20 May 2011

The Oldest Sea Vessel in the World in Dover

Dover is home to the world's oldest sea-faring vessel. It was built around 1550 years BC, and is known as the Bronze Age Boat. This cargo ship, registered at Dover Port, was in operation 750 years before the first huts appeared in Rome, sailing the seas from Kent to Cornwall, and from Dover to Calais!

Albion and the Bronze Age
Long before Rome appeared, a flourishing Bronze Age civilization prospered in Albion, one of the ancient names for Britannia, which is itself of Celtic origin. Dover's oldest sea vessel in the world is an emblem to ancient civilization, an emblem to trade and commerce at home and abroad. The world's oldest sea vessel is a befitting trophy of honour to the Light Tower Church standing above the Port of Dover, for the continuity of Prosperity on the British Isles and over the Sea. 

Britannia's Oldest Vessel
The Dover Bronze Age boat is an icon of Britannia's Fleet, which from early times served a prosperous and flourishing Island called Britannia, its home base being Dover by the Sea.

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